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Cheap Domain, Cheap ssd Hosting, Cheap Domain and Hosting It is extremely important in terms of accessibility that your domain name is reasonable, simple and memorable.

Domain (domain name) is the identity we need to have to be on the internet. So domain names are the name and address of our website. Without this address, visitors cannot access our site.

IP Address
Internet Protocol (IP) number is required to be defined on the Internet. This is called an IP Address. Every computer on the Internet has an IP address. Because computers connect to each other through these IP addresses. The domain name is a more understandable view of this IP address. In other words, the desired address can be reached simply by using the domain names corresponding to this address instead of the IP addresses consisting of numbers that will be more difficult to remember.

Domain names should be as simple and memorable as possible. Catchy, not-long domain names allow multiple visitors to reach your site.

Your domain name; The fact that it consists of a name that includes items such as the sector you serve, the product you sell or your profession will make a great contribution to finding your site as a result of the searches.

DNS (Domain Name System)
The Domain Name System, which is called the domain naming system, is a system designed to establish the connection between IP addresses and domain name. In this way, IP addresses, which are not easy to use, are associated with simple understandable domain names.

Through DNS, the computer the IP address is connected to and the location of the site are determined and you reach the desired location.
Domain Extensions

Domain extensions are used to customize websites according to their purpose. These extensions are as follows.

com: for business organizations
net: For organizations whose work area is internet
org: For Associations, Organizations
gov: for government entities
edu: for educational institutions
mil: for military organizations
ac: Academic institutions (in some countries the equivalent is .edu)

tv: It is a domain extension for a country named Tuvalu. It is popular with television channels.

Turkish Domain Names
It is an innovation that enables to use Turkish characters in domain names. In this way, it is possible to use Turkish characters in domain names in domain names containing i, ğ, ü, ö, ç

Although it is a system that can be used from all over the world and a computer with a Turkish language support internet browser and a Turkish language package installed, it is possible to experience some problems with the issue of sending e-mails as the e-mail systems do not provide widespread support yet.

Sub Domain
***. means domains that you can purchase in the format of firmaadi.com, connected to the main domain but where you can create a different account.

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